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Why Dora? Because a wedding band is for life and like your marriage, it should stand the test of time. Dora creates rings with this in mind. Our wedding rings are made for men who value quality. A new generation who wears his wedding band with pride and admiration, not just for what it symbolises, but for how it looks and wears. Dora specialises in wedding rings because that is their sole business. Dora have been helping grooms get it right since 1994 and is sold in over 20 countries. The finest jewellers in Australia and throughout the world endorse Dora because they want to sell the best. When you put a Dora ring on your finger you are wearing the best.

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Dora Lifetime Guarantee & Warranty.
DORA is the only company in Australia/New Zealand that offers a life-time warranty against any manufacturing faults and the ring replacement policy means that if your ring becomes too loose or too tight, DORA will replace it with a brand new one free of charge.
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